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Cuts & Grazes with Savlon

These are probably the most common of injuries in toddlers and young children. It certainly seems that as soon as they get the hang of walking, they also become expert at falling over!

Even with a small cut, a little blood can go a long way and things can quite quickly start to appear decidedly dramatic. Remind yourself that cuts almost always look worse than they are and try not to panic or appear anxious; children easily pick up on the signals and can become even more distressed as a result.

Instead, reassure them that everything will be alright and that the situation is completely under control. 

How to Use Savlon? 

  • Before you even examine the wound closely, make sure your hands are clean and germ-free to avoid contamination. Savlon Cleansing Wipes with Antiseptic is a quick and convenient way to do this and reduce the chances of infection
  • Rinse the area by holding it under the tap or washing it with an antiseptic like Savlon Antiseptic Wound Wash
  • Pat the area dry with a sterile swab. (Don't rub; cuts and grazes are highly sensitive and any pieces of dirt or grit you may have missed could cause even more damage)
  • Next, apply Savlon Antiseptic Cream to protect from infection and aid natural healing
  • Finally, apply a Savlon Advanced Plaster to protect the wound
  • If there is bruising, hold a plastic bag of crushed ice or frozen peas against the skin to reduce the pain and swelling.

If you have doubts or worries, phone a doctor or the emergency services. And always seek medical advice if:

  • There is a foreign body in the wound
  • There is a high risk of infection (e.g. dog bite or cut by dirty object)
  • A wound starts to become infected after a period of time or does not heal well