Valentine's Day at Home

Valentine's Day at Home

In this article we'll look at some ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day at home, whether you can be together or not.

10 Ideas for a Romantic Valentine’s Day in 2021

Want to make Valentine’s Day special this year despite current restrictions? In our article below, we’ll look at some ways you can still mark this romantic day, whether you’re able to meet with your partner or not.

1. Have a movie night

Whether you’re together or apart, a romantic movie is a Valentine’s Day classic. Snuggle up together or share your screen and get the popcorn on!

2. Go for a walk

Why not go on a treasure hunt around your local area? Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt where you use coordinates to discover hidden containers. Find out more at the Geocaching website.

If you live in the same area, you can even enjoy a walk together, as long as you maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.

3. Do a virtual escape room

If you’ve done an escape room before, then this activity will be perfect! But even if you haven’t, a virtual escape room is great fun. This can be done together, or over a video or voice call.

You have to use clues to solve a series of puzzles to eventually escape a ‘room’. However, each room is different, and sometimes you may be solving a murder or diffusing a bomb rather than just escaping.

Most escape rooms don’t take much longer than an hour, but there’s a wide variety out there so you can pick the theme, difficulty, and length of time that suits you.

4. Attend a virtual concert or gig

Many singers, bands, and comedians are now performing their shows virtually. See if there’s any events that you would be interested in attending and surprise your partner with the tickets! You don’t even have to be together to enjoy it together.

5. Build a blanket fort

You and your partner could spend a fun filled afternoon building a blanket fort ready to snuggle up in the evening. Bring lots of blankets and cushions, a way to watch films, some snacks, and some drinks, and it can be your escape for the night. Why not take it to the next level with fairy lights?

6. Send a surprise to their door

If you can your partner can’t be together this Valentine’s Day, why not surprise them by sending gifts to their door? You can send anything by post, including flowers and fresh cookies. Just make sure you account for delivery times when planning.

Think your partner deserves to relax? Why not send a personalised pamper pack to enjoy. We’d recommend:

7. Play a conversational card game

A conversational card game is a great way to get to know your partner, whether you’re together or video calling.

8. Follow a Bob Ross episode

If you fancy flexing your new lockdown hobby, or simply enjoy happy little trees, you could paint along with Bob Ross. Sure to create a lot of laughs, you’ll also come away with a beautiful painting that you could gift to your partner as a memento of your date.

9. Write them a love letter

If you can’t be together, or you fancy making your feelings to your partner clear, you could write them a heartfelt love letter. Not only will they love to receive it on Valentine’s Day, but they will also be able to keep it and read it again during hard times.

10. Stargaze

A romantic activity if you’re together, or to help you to feel closer together if you’re apart, is stargazing.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, wrap up warm and take some hot chocolate out with you. If you don’t – no worries! Get comfortable next to a window.