Key Ingredients

Mangosteen, revered as the Queen of Fruits in Asia, is often referred to as a super-fruit due to its antioxidant properties and high nutritional value. The active ingredients of CellActive®- FORM are extracted from the skin of the mangosteen via a patented procedure.

Quince-hydrogel, known as the fruit of the goddess of love, symbolises love, beauty and fertility. It is highly valued for its high content of vitamins, minerals and polysaccharides. The active ingredient in CellActive®- FORM is extracted from the highly concentrated seed of the Quince-hydrogel via a patented process.

The Essential Cell Boost Factor that is contained within the CellActive product is a biosubstrate made up of the proteins of white lupin and the extremely active bio-ferment from Chlorella Vulgaris. Collectively they stimulate skin metabolism and enhance skin processes.