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Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Real cigarettes are in effect a stick of poisonous chemicals. This is because they contain Tobacco. It is tobacco that contains harmful chemicals, and when ignited, they are released are ingested by the smoker with every inhalation as well as those around them. Although normal cigarettes contain Nicotine, according to studies, nicotine alone is not that harmful to the body. Its downside is that it is extremely addictive.

Electronic cigarettes contain different strengths of nicotine but do not contain tobacco; therefore on this basis e-cigs are considered a cleaner way of smoking. As the strengths of nicotine also vary, the smoker is able to regulate their nicotine intake and may even begin to be able to wean themselves off cigarettes to the point where they smoke only 0% nicotine electronic cigarettes.

It’s important to note that electronic cigarettes have not been marketed as a stop smoking product. Manufacturers do not guarantee that you WILL stop smoking with these, although some users have reported this effect. Results in such cases will depend on the individual.

There are many e cigarettes reviews that can be seen online which may help you determine whether an e-cigarette is a great alternative for you to smoking normal cigarettes. According to many of these e cigarettes reviews they appear to be a cleaner alternative to normal cigarettes, but it is totally up to you to decide. As well as these reviews, you can browse our range and read descriptions on each brand including Regcig, Nicocig or Vapouriz to name a few to see which e-cig will be best for you.