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Quit Smoking in October

Benefits of Stopping Smoking in October

With Stoptober just around the corner, it is another opportunity to give up smoking for good.

Now, you are very aware of the various benefits of quitting smoking. From the clear health benefits and your lifestyle to improvements to your personal hygiene, the advantages for giving up cigarettes are quite clear.

So, why is October the perfect time for quitting smoking?

Just in Time for Christmas

The biggest benefit of starting to give up smoking in October is that if you do the hard work and are committed to stopping smoking, you can be tobacco-free by Christmas.

For some smokers, they find a smoke break is just what they need during this hectic time of year. It sounds like the perfect excuse for getting 2 minutes away from visiting in-laws and relatives. Fantastic, right?


Not only it can be quite rude to your guests to avoid them, no matter how annoying they can be, what you would gain from quitting smoking would easily out weight avoiding your relatives, trust us.

In this Chemist Direct article, we look at why you should quit smoking in October and the benefits you can enjoy.

Keeping Up with Christmas

The busiest time of the year, you will find being nicotine-free is what you’d need to help keep up with everything that’s happening Christmas.

One of the benefits you can experience very quickly is that you will have more energy. Within 2 to 12 weeks of stopping smoking, your blood circulation can improve. This translates into more energy, just what you need when grabbing that last-minute gift or having to put up Christmas lights on the house. You can get this boost in a short amount of time and just in time for Christmas.

A bonus is that your immune system can improve as well and become more effective at fighting off colds and flu. No one wants to be sick at Christmas.

Less Stress

It is a common misconception that a cigarette is a great cure for stress. It’s a common trope in movies and television but its simply not the case.

You see, smokers may experience two different types of stress. There is the stress that comes from situations and your environment, and there is the stress that comes from the withdrawal of nicotine. It is easy to mistake both like the same type of stress.

While popping out for a quick cigarette it can feel that you're relieving your stress levels but, the reality is, you’re only addressing your nicotine withdrawal. You are not addressing what is making you anxious or stressed.

With Christmas, you can expect so much more.

That’s why quitting before the festive season can be fantastic for your stress and anxiety.

More More Money for Christmas

Perhaps the biggest benefit of quitting smoking in October has more money to spend at Christmas. You are more than aware of the costs of maintaining a nicotine habit and, we’re sure, have done the maths yourself, you can save a lot of money to spend for Christmas.

So quit this October and have an even better Christmas!

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