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Fitting Dentures

You are about to get your first denture fitted. In this section, we’ll guide you through the fitting process and early stages of wearing dentures.

This is the stage when changing to dentures seems much more real. First of all you may have to have teeth out and you may well feel more apprehensive. Again try and think about how great the end results will be.

Remember you’re going through a big change. Wearing dentures the first few times will be a new sensation for your mouth. It’s bound to take a little time to get used to. Some people feel embarrassed and self-conscious that everyone can tell, but dentures can often look incredibly natural. Talking to other people who have already been through the process may also help.

There are many steps to fitting dentures, from the extraction of your teeth, to the dentist taking the key measurements that will help ensure a proper fit, and an imprint of your mouth which will be used to cast a master model. Poligrip have asked denture wearers how this process was for them as well as dental professionals to provide some expert advice.

For Eileen, 57 from Sheffield, the fitting itself was painless

‘I didn’t feel the need to ask about anything at this time. Once it was done, above everything else, I felt relieved that my visits to the dentist were over.’

Tony, 65 years old from Stanmore left his dentist practice feeling happy it all went well

‘I found the fitting completely painless. They told me to be careful for a couple of hours and I left just feeling relieved that it was all over and happy that it all went so well.’

Douglas, 64 from Sheffield was glad that everything had gone according to plan

‘The pain subsided after a few days and I had plenty of help and support and frankly just happy that the worst was over.’

Carol, 71 from Watford, says she was relieved after all the years of problems with her own teeth

‘After all the worrying before, the fitting went well. I wasn’t given any particular advice but they did make it clear that I should go back if I had any discomfort, which I did.’