Considering Dentures

You have been advised that you might need dentures. In this section, we’ll help you identify what your options are and what you can expect along the denture journey.

If you’re contemplating a life with dentures the first thing to understand is you’re not alone. In the UK there are over 12.5 million denture wearers who probably felt just the way you’re feeling now. It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive and overwhelmed.

But change can be good! After all, wearing dentures can benefit your appearance and your health. Just imagine eating the foods you love and the added confidence your new smile will give you. Dentures can even help lift facial muscles and make you look younger.

There are many reasons why you may be considering dentures. Poligrip have asked some denture wearers and experts to share their experience and insight.

Beryl, 67 from Rotherham lost her top set of teeth through gum disease

‘I lost my top set of teeth through gum disease and at the time there were no other options to dentures, mind you, had there been, cost would probably have made it prohibitive. Like a lot of people my main concern with dentures was the idea of them falling down. A good friend suggested I try Poligrip so I did. And I have to say it does work.’

Douglas, 64 from Sheffield also needed to get dentures due to receding gums because of gum disease.

‘My dentist was very helpful and my wife, who’s had full dentures for 26 years, was very reassuring, but of course I was concerned nevertheless. I worried that they may not look right, I worried about how they would affect my eating and I worried that other people would know. I’ve since found out that’s how most people feel but I found facts and advice quite easy to find and I certainly don’t worry about any of that now.’