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What is Cabergoline

Cabergoline Tablet is designed to prevent the production of prolactin which is produced for processes in the body such as milk production after childbirth.

Cabergoline Tablet is for patients who have high levels of Prolactin in the body. It works by preventing the production of prolactin if needed for medical reasons such as prolactinomas (benign tumour) which can cause a variety of symptoms such as reduced fertility, breast changes, and headaches and breast lactation. Cabergoline is usually used to treat patients for this condition on a long term basis. It can also be used to treat Parkinsons disease which results in the patient having less dopamine in the brain. This can cause symptoms such as shaking, muscle stiffness, and slow movements. Cabergoline can be used to encourage the release of dopamine helping to ease the symptoms of Parkinsons.