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Perspirex is a range of high-performance antiperspirant roll-ons specifically formulated for those who need extra effective protection against sweating and body odour.

Perspirex’s unique formulation combines the active ingredient Aluminium Chloride, and a patented skin care system is present in the Original and Comfort variants, to help minimise any potential skin irritation. All variants are fragrance free. The new look packs contain a strength indicator to help guide consumer choice and selection.

Clinically proven to provide long-lasting protection, Perspirex has provided life-changing protection to millions of people worldwide.

Perspirex Range

Comfort: 2-3 days protection

Perspirex Comfort controls odour and is clinically proven to provide extra effective protection against sweat for 2-3 days.

Perspirex Comfort’s new gentler formulation is water-based and contains ingredients that hydrate the skin for extra skin comfort.

The perfect choice for those who suffer from occasional or seasonal sweating.

Original: 3-5 days protection

Perspirex Original, their classic antiperspirant, has been the trusted choice for over 30 years.

Clinically proven to provide long-lasting protection, its extra effective formula provides 3-5 days protection.

Its new and improved formula contains an active skin care system which helps to reduce irritation often associated with extra effective antiperspirants and improves skin comfort.

Strong: 5 days protection

Perspirex Strong features a high-strength formula developed for people whose perspiration interferes with their daily activities.

It controls odour and provides extra-effective protection against sweat for up to 5 days. The active ingredient’s long-lasting effect is clinically proven.

How it works

When you apply Perspirex, it forms a temporary plug to provide protection against sweat. Then, when the skin naturally shed, Perspirex is dispelled!

How to use

The skin must be unbroken and completely dry.

Apply Perspirex at night before going to bed. Perspirex is applied at night as this is when the sweat glands are most inactive. Then, simply wah off in the morning with soap and water!

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