What is Pantoloc?

Pantoloc Control is a medication that provides effective relief from heartburn during the day as well as at night, with just one tablet a day. Pantoloc Control is clinically proven to reduce excess acid production in the stomach for up to 24 hours providing complete relief from acid reflux symptoms such as heartburn or acid regurgitation.

How does Pantoloc Control Work?

Pantoloc Control works by blocking the enzyme in the stomach wall that secretes acid into the stomach. It is the reflux of this excess acid production that causes heartburn.

Who can take Pantoloc Control?

Pantoloc Control is suitable for adults aged 18 years and over. It is aimed at those people suffering with frequent or recurrent heartburn amounting to two or more episodes per week.

How quickly does Pantoloc Control start to work?

Pantoloc Control reduces excess acid secretion for up to 24 hours, so with only one tablet a day you may start to experience relief from symptoms during the day and at night starting after the first day. Whilst you may start to experience symptomatic relief after approximately 1 day of treatment with Pantoloc Control, it might be necessary to take it for up to 7 days to achieve complete heartburn control.

How long does Pantloc Control last?

One tablet of Pantoloc Control can relieve heartburn for up to 24 hours providing daytime and night-time relief. Pantoloc Control is it not intended for immediate relief and it might be necessary to take the tablets for 2-3 consecutive days to achieve improvement of symptoms.

How should Pantoloc Control be taken?

Pantoloc Control is taken as a tablet, once a day. It must be swallowed whole with water and should not be crushed or chewed. Pantoloc Control should be taken before a meal at the same time every day and should be taken for at least two or three consecutive days.

How long can Pantoloc Control be taken for?

Pantoloc Control is for the short-term treatment of the symptoms of acid reflux e.g. heartburn. If symptoms don't improve within two weeks of continuous daily treatment you should consult your doctor. Pantoloc Control should not be taken continuously for more than four weeks without consulting a doctor. Once complete symptom relief has occurred, stop taking this medicine.

Can other heartburn treatments be taken alongside Pantoloc Control?

If necessary, over-the-counter antacids may be taken with Pantoloc Control providing you follow the directions for these products accordingly. Other acid suppression medicines including H2-receptor antagonists (e.g. ranitidine) and other proton pump inhibitor medicines should not be taken while taking Pantoloc Control.

Does Pantaloc Control have any side effects?

As with any medication, Pantoloc Control may cause side effects in some people, although these are generally mild and transient. The most commonly reported side effects include diarrhoea and headache. Other, less common side effects may include: dizziness, nausea, abdominal bloating, constipation, dry mouth, abdominal pain, rash and itchiness, fatigue and sleep disorders. If side effects continue or become worse, you should consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Does Pantoloc Control interact with any other medicines?

Drug-drug interactions that may occur with Pantoloc Control include atazanavir, ketoconazole and warfarin. If you are taking these or any other medications seek advice from your pharmacist before commencing treatment.

Who is Pantoloc Control not suitable for?

Pantoloc Control is not suitable for the following individuals:

  • People who are allergic to pantoprazole, to soya or any of the other ingredients in the medicine
  • People taking atazanavir for the treatment of HIV infection
  • Children and adolescents below 18 years old
  • People taking Clopidogrel