About Heartburn

Anyone who has suffered from Heartburn will be familiar with the characteristic feeling – the burning sensation that rises from the stomach, or lower chest, up towards the neck or throat.

Most people don’t realise that heartburn is in fact a symptom of a condition called acid reflux. This is because heartburn is the main symptom of acid reflux – and often the only one that people experience. The other frequent symptom of acid reflux is acid regurgitation, a sour taste in the throat or mouth.

Almost everyone will experience heartburn at some stage – after a large meal, for example – and, isolated to occasional experiences, heartburn can be easily managed. Because of this, many people consider heartburn to be a trivial problem.

But if your sleep, daily activities and stress levels are being affected by heartburn, that’s not trivial – especially if you are a frequent heartburn sufferer (occurring two or more times per week). Over 6 million people in the UK suffers from heartburn weekly – if you are one of them you’ll know that it can have a major impact on your life.

For some people it can mean avoiding favourite foods or drinks – or not avoiding foods that trigger heartburn and having to cope with the discomfort and the stress that this brings. In fact, many people say that their heartburn is so uncomfortable that it disturbs their sleep, causes them to be less productive at work or even miss social events.

If heartburn is having a significant impact on your life, Pantoloc Control is a new heartburn treatment that you may want to consider. Pantoloc Control is different from most other heartburn medicines available over the counter – it is not an antacid. Speak to your pharmacist for more advice about how to treat your heartburn.

24 Hour Heartburn Cycle

Anyone who suffers from heartburn at night-time will know how much disruption it can cause to your life. But it can also set in motion a cycle of events that can lead to recurring heartburn.

If you find your heartburn keeping you awake at night, help stop the cycle by eating healthily and avoiding foods that trigger your heartburn. For more tips on how to avoid heartburn see heartburn management tips. And speak to your pharmacist about Pantoloc Control – for effective relief from heartburn, for up to 24 hours a day.