Tips for shaving with spots

It is not entirely advisable to try Removing Spots as this can damage the skin and also lead to scaring. Instead of trying your hand at Removing Spots, acne, and pimples, keep the skin clean and let the healing process take place on its own. Shaving can in fact help as it helps to exfoliate your face and help prevent spot formation. As long as you do not shave over any raised spots, which would cause bleeding and scarring, shaving should be advisable.

If you suffer from spots, you may think that shaving is the worst thing you could do to your face, but it’s actually quite a good way of exfoliating your face and may help prevent the formation of spots. Just don’t shave over raised spots.

How to get the perfect shave:

  • Begin removing dirt and oil by washing your face with OXY Daily Face Wash or OXY Maximum Face Scrub.
  • Rinse your face with warm water and apply a shave gel while your skin is still wet. This will help soften the hairs, so you don’t need to press so hard
  • Always use a sharp blade so you don’t have to push the blade into your skin
  • Shave with smooth strokes (heavy pressure can damage inflamed skin) in the same direction as your hair grows. Rinse the blade after each stroke
  • Leave the tricky bits around your mouth and chin until the end giving the hair longer to soften
  • Take care when shaving around raised spots
  • Rinse your face with warm water then splash with cold water to help close the pores
  • Finally, use a shave balm to calm and hydrate the skin