Tips for dealing with spots

Sometimes it seems that Dealing with Spots like acne and pimples must become an obsession before it can clear, but this is not entirely the case. Often acne spots are the result of poor hygiene and skin care habits, and can be cured by making slight changes to your routine and taking better care of your body. Dealing with Spots can especially become problems for teenagers, as their skin is extremely susceptible to acne. But, even though it might not be possible to entirely Prevent Spots from happening, you can still limit the risk and the amount.

For more information on how you can Prevent Spots, check out our quick list below:

Keep your hair away from your face

Many of the gel and wax products you use can cause outbreaks of blackheads along the hairline, so keep your hair away from your face.

Prevention is better than cure

Spots are caused by clogged pores, excess oil and bacteria. One way to help prevent spots is by using OXY daily face wash, followed by OXY anti-spot balm morning and night.

Don’t touch your face with your hand throughout the day

This will help avoid the spread of oil, dirt and bacteria, as your hands pick up dirt very quickly.

Wash your pillowcase regularly

Dirt and oil can settle on your pillowcase while you sleep, so make sure you keep it clean.

Keep blackheads at bay

To help prevent blackheads, make sure you exfoliate blackhead prone areas 2-3 times a week using OXY maximum face scrub.

Don’t wash your face too often

Contrary to what you might think, washing your face too often can make spots worse, because it dries out the skin. Wash your face no more than twice a day with OXY daily face wash to help prevent spots. Don’t forget to apply Oxy anti-spot balm after washing your face.