Myths about spots

There's a lot of paranoia surrounding the rumours of how Spots On Face develop. Regardless of most common opinions, Spots On Face are not contagious, because of dirt, or a result of not enough sunlight. Read the following information. This might help to shed some light on the subject of teenager acne.

Spots are caused by dirt

No. Spots occur because of the changes in your body as you go through your teenage years, not because of dirt. Wash your face twice daily with OXY daily face wash, followed by OXY anti-spot balm as part of your daily spot prevention regime.

Getting a suntan clears spots

No. Sitting under the sun with no sun protection can dry out your skin or make your skin greasier as your skin tries to compensate for being dried out by the sun, this leads to further spot breakouts.

Eating chocolate and greasy foods causes spots

No. You’ll be glad to hear that chocolate and greasy foods don’t cause spots. However, eating a healthy balanced diet is good for your well-being and this is reflected in your skin

You can catch spots from kissing someone with spots

Nonsense! You can’t catch spots from a snog – so go for it!