Who gets spots?

Pretty much everyone will have at least one spot in their lifetime.  In fact spots are one of the most common diagnoses made for people aged between 15 years and 19 years of age.   Spot prevalence among adolescents ranges from 40% to 95%, with higher frequency noted in males.


What are spots and why do I get them?

During teenage years, sebaceous glands can produce more oil than is needed.  This can cause an oily complexion and if the pores are blocked the oil can gather in the hair root providing a great place for the spot causing bacteria to grow.  The combination of clogged pores, bacteria growth and trapped oil, means spots can form and appears on the skin’s surface.


Can chocolate and greasy foods cause spots?

No.   You’ll be glad to hear that chocolate and greasy foods don’t cause spots.  However, eating a healthy balanced diet is good for your well-being and this is reflected in your skin


Does the sun help clear spots?

No.   Sitting under the sun with no sun protection can dry out your skin or make your skin greasier as your skin tries to compensate for being dried out by the sun, this leads to further spot breakouts.


How many times a day should I wash my face?

Contrary to what you might think, washing your face too often can make spots worse, because it dries out the skin.  Wash your face no more than twice a day with OXY daily face wash to help prevent spots.  Don’t forget to apply OXY anti-spot balm after washing your face.


Should I wash my face even when I don’t have spots?

Yes, spots are caused by clogged pores, excess oil and bacteria.  One way to help prevent spots is by using OXY daily face wash, followed by OXY anti-spot balm morning and night.


How often should I use a face scrub?

OXY maximum face scrub works into your pores and removes dead skin. For best results, repeat this process 2 to 3 times a week in conjunction with daily use of OXY daily face wash and balm as part of your daily spot prevention regime.


How can I fight single spots that appear?

OXY Emergency Zit Blitz pads and gel are perfect for carrying around in your pocket and applying as and when required. They are scientifically proven to get to work in minutes and are proven to reduce the size and redness of spots within 4 hours


Can I use the same products for my face to help prevent spots on the body?

Yes, New OXY can be used on the face, back & chest. Daily Face Wash & Maximum Scrub are ideal for using in the shower taking care to avoid sensitive areas.


My spots, just won’t go away. Help!

If you have serious skin complaints it is always advisable to see your doctor


What will happen if a girl uses the ‘new’ Oxy on her skin?

The newly formulated Oxy product range has been especially developed for male skin but can also be used safely & effectively by girls. The new products were also user- tested on a panel of teenage girls with impressive results.


Can you use Oxy if you have eczema?

We would not recommend using any spot treatment product on skin with eczema.


How quickly would I expect to see results?

Results will depend on which product you are using. In trials, the size and redness of spots was reduced within four hours of using OXY Zit Blitz gel.  Using the daily wash, wipes or pads you can expect to start to see results within 48 hours. Because your skin is constantly renewing dead skin cells, and you will continue to produce spot causing hormones we suggest that you keep on using these products when you start to see an improvement as part of a daily skin regime. You will see best results by using the daily products to help prevent problems from occurring.


I remember Oxy being very strong and drying - is it still like this?

The new OXY products are suitable for sensitive skin and contain moisturisers to ensure that they are not drying. The Scrub contains salicylic acid and more exfoliating beads and therefore should only be used 2-3 times a week.  The full range has been designed to be kind to the skin and there has been soothing and moisturizing agents added to the full range of cosmetic products.


Will the products leave a white residue on my skin?

No, the new OXY products will not leave any marks or residue on your skin.


Can OXY products be used when shaving?

Yes, New OXY can be used before or after shaving.  OXY anti-spot balm is ideal to use as a moisturiser to calm skin after shaving.


Are OXY products convenient to be carried around / used on-the-go?

Yes, within the range there is Emergency Zit Blitz Gel which is perfect for carrying around in your pocket and applying as and when required. It is scientifically proven to get to work in minutes and is proven to reduce the size and redness of spots within 4 hours. OXY Face wipes are also perfect for popping in your sports bag for an on-the-go freshen up and to help prevent spots, blackheads & oily skin.


Is OXY suitable for tackling blackheads?

All the products in the range, with the exception of Emergency Zit Blitz Gel, are designed to tackle blackheads. Emergency Zit Blitz Gel is designed to start to reduce the size and redness of spots in 4 hours.


Is OXY only suitable for teenagers?

OXY can be used by anyone who has a problem with spots, blackheads or oily skin (except very young children). These problems most commonly affect teenagers, but the products should work on sufferers of any age.