Emotional Issues

Spots can have a significant effect on people’s confidence and socialising. Peer acceptance is very important to teenage boys and should be taken seriously.


Teenagers are developing their personalities as they reach adulthood, unfortunately physical appearance and attractiveness is highly linked to peer status. Problems that spot sufferers may face are:

Self esteem and body image

  • Some embarrassed spot sufferers avoid eye contact
  • Some spot sufferers grow long hair to cover their face, however this can also aggravate the condition
  • Truncal acne can reduce participation in sport such as swimming or football because of the need to disrobe in public changing rooms.

Social withdrawal/relationship building

  • Spots, especially when they effect the face, often provoke cruel taunts from other teenagers
  • Some find it hard to form new relationships, especially with the opposite sex
  • At a time when teenagers are learning to form relationships, those with spots may lack the self confidence to go out and make these bonds. They become shy and even reclusive. The main concern is a fear of negative appraisal by others. In extreme cases a social phobia can develop.

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