Health Advice

Travel Stress

Travel stress is at it’s peak when you are using forms of public transport. this is because you are no longer in the driving seat, and have to trust the public transport to get you to where you need to be on time.

Make sure you pre book your taxi to the airport well in advance to your holiday. Some companies may require a deposit (keep a receipt of this). If you are not sure of the time it takes to get to the airport, do a dummy run to be on the safe side. Then you can pre book your taxi at a suitable time, although it may be best to allow an extra 30minutes in case of traffic.

Make sure you have all the documentation you need the night before the flight and that it is stored safely. Passports, visas and travel insurance are all very important to your travel, and should be kept safe with items such as your flight tickets. If all these items are kept together, there is less chance of anything being misplaced.

Listen carefully to any safety advice you are given and be aware of any emergency instructions. Although the chances are rare, you may need to know this information.

Any medication you may need or rely upon should be carried in your flight bag so you can access your medication whenever you may need it. There are certain restrictions regarding medication. Please check out Travelling with Medication.