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Health Advice

Male Travellers

Men are notorious for not wanting to visit their GP’s or to cause a fuss! But more often than not, it is in your best interests to see your GP and discuss any concerns you may have.

Make sure all vaccinations are planned and pre arranged well before the due date, the stress of leaving these to the last minute will mean you won’t be free to enjoy the build up to your holiday. Speak with your GP about your destination, and book any immunisations or follow up boosters that you may require. Try to avoid taking young children to areas where serious diseases are endemic. This means where they are constantly present, at low levels. In some instances, you may be prescribed a course of tablets to take before, during and after your stay.

Recognise that in many ways, alcohol is a drug and should be treated with caution. However, many people, particularly men, can go over board with their alcohol intake, all in the name of fun of course. But you should remember a weekly limit should never exceed 28 units, and a healthy limit should always be below 21. Too much alcohol can have an impact on your sex drive, causing impotence as well as loss of libido, and can cause damage to the liver, brain and heart muscle. Not only this, but you are more vulnerable to attacks of violence or theft.

In a study looking at alcohol related accidents abroad, it was shown that the majority of accidents are caused by a drunken pedestrian, rather than a driver. For this reason, you should make sure you have a reputable taxi rank’s number with you at all times. It may be wise to travel in groups too, so as to ward off any potential threat.

If you smoke, you will be well aware of your increased risk of adverse effects smoking can have such as heart disease, lung cancer, respiratory disorders and other general health issues. What with the increased drinking, smoking usually increases too, since the two normally come hand in hand! And let’s face it, cigarettes are dirt cheap in some countries! But you should remember that many of the cigarettes you find abroad are not monitored like they are here within the UK, so you could be smoking dangerous levels of toxins and not be aware of this. They may be cheap, but everything comes with a price!