Lariam Tablets

Lariam (Mefloquine) is an anti-malarial and it is used in both the prevention and treatment of malaria. Mefloquine works by attacking the parasites once they have entered the red blood cells.

MedicineQuantityTotal PriceBuy
Lariam (Mefloquine 250mg) 8 tablets (1 week) 31.00
Lariam (Mefloquine 250mg) 9 tablets (2 weeks) 35.00
Lariam (Mefloquine 250mg) 10 tablets (3 weeks) 40.00
Lariam (Mefloquine 250mg) 11 tablets (4 weeks) 45.00
Lariam (Mefloquine 250mg) 15 tablets (8 weeks) 65.00
Lariam (Mefloquine 250mg) 19 tablets (12 weeks) 80.00

Lariam Tablets contain the active ingredient Mefloquine. It is an effective anti-malarial used to both prevent and treatment malaria. Mefloquine attacks the parasites once they have entered the red blood cells. It kills the parasites and prevents them from multiplying further.

What is Malaria and how does Lariam help?

Malaria is caused by numerous types of parasites known as Plasmodium. When bitten by an infected mosquito, the Plasmodium within the mosquito is injected into the bloodstream. Once bitten, the Plasmodium reproduces, resulting in the Malaria.

Lariam prevents the development of parasites in the bloodstream that cause Malaria.

Once bitten by an infected mosquito, the parasites in the bloodstream need to protect themselves and do this by releasing a chemical. It is believed that Mefloquine kills the parasites in the bloodstream by blocking the action of the chemical that parasites produce to protect themselves once inside the red blood cells. If they are able to get into the red blood cells, they consume the oxygen carrying pigment haemoglobin that is found in red blood cells.

This separates the haemoglobin into two parts; haem and globin. The haem is lethal to the malaria parasite. So in order to prevent it from being damaged by haem, the parasites produce a chemical that transforms haem into a compound that is not toxic to them. Mefloquine works by blocking the action of this chemical. This then causes the levels of the lethal haem to rise inevitably killing the malaria parasites.

For Malaria prevention:

  • The tablets should be taken once weekly, always on the same day.
  • You should start taking the tablets at least 1 week and up to 2 - 3 weeks before departure. You should continue taking the tablets throughout your stay and for 4 weeks after your return.
  • If you forget to take a dose, take one as soon as you remember, then go on as before.
  • For effective prevention you must take the full course of tablets.
  • No anti-malarial tablets are completely effective. Malaria can occur during or after preventative medication. If you develop a fever or flu-like symptoms during your travels or within 2 to 3 months after you leave the malarious area, check with a doctor immediately.

Below is an example which gives the recommended dose for a 2-week stay in an area where malaria is present:

Adult dose:

Before travel

  • At least one week one tablet weekly during travel
  • Week 2 - dose = 1
  • Week 3 - dose = 1

On return

  • Week 4 - dose = 1
  • Week 5 - dose = 1
  • Week 6 - dose = 1
  • Week 7 - dose = 1

A pack of 8 tablets is enough to help prevent you from catching malaria if you are staying for 3 weeks in an area where malaria is present and if you start taking the tablets 1 week before departure. If your stay is longer than 3 weeks or if your doctor has advised that you should start taking your tablets 2 to 3 weeks before departure, you will need a second pack.

Children's dose:

The tablets are not recommended for children under 3 months of age, i.e., those who weigh less than 5kg (11lbs). For children over this weight, the dose is shown in the table below. The tablets can be divided by breaking along the score lines. As in adults, the dose should be taken once weekly on the same day, and continued for 4 weeks after return.

  • Weight: 5 - 19kg (11 - 42lbs) Age: (Approx) 3 months - 5 years Dose: 1/4 tablet
  • Weight: 20 - 30kg (44 - 66lbs) Age: (Approx) 6 - 8 years Dose:1/2 tablet
  • Weight: 31 - 45kg (68 - 99lbs) Age: (Approx) 9 - 14 years Dose:3/4 tablet

Speak to your GP if you are unsure about the correct dose for your age or weight to ensure you get the best possible malaria preventative.