Health Advice

Food and Drink

Diarrhoea is the most common health problem that effects travellers. Almost everybody has experienced this at some point on their journeys, and know how restrictive and uncomfortable it can be. Normally, this is caused by consuming food or drink that does not suit your body.

  • Stick to bottled water!
  • Remember that ice cubes will be made using the local water, so avoid these from your drinks. You could always make some yourself using bottled water if you have apartment accommodation.
  • Always remember to brush your teeth using bottled water. Although you don’t intend to drink any of the water you out in your mouth, you may swallow some by accident. It only takes a small amount to upset your stomach.
  • Check the seal is in place when buying bottled water abroad and ask to open the water yourself. If you think the bottle may have been opened, don’t take the risk and go for carbonated water instead, again asking to open the bottle yourself.
  • Be careful not to accidentally consume water when you are in the shower or washing your face.
  • Avoid roadside food vendors selling ice cream and unwashed fruit.
  • If you are eating from a buffet, be wary of food kept warm under food lamps, as these can be a source of infection.
  • Eat from a buffet service early, as soon as the food is bought out, to make sure it is a fresh as possible.
  • Avoid unpasturised milk, shellfish, soft cheeses, lukewarm food and empty restaurants!
  • Remember; food should either be piping hot, or freezing cold.
  • If you are self catering, always boil water before using it in cooking.
  • Keep your personal hygiene standards high. Always wash your hands before eating, and after using the toilet. Keep a hand sanitiser with you for extra convenience.
  • If you get diarrhoea, drink plenty of clear, clean fluids. You may want to take some medication with you in case this happens.