Health Advice

Coping with Delays

Patience is a virtue, and it certainly is when it comes to travelling! We all know how common delays can be at airports, particularly with the threats of terrorism over the past few years making airport security all the more strict and stringent. It’s understandable, but can cause a domino effect where flights are delayed and you as the traveller are left twiddling your thumbs until you get the green light.

It is advisable that you call your travel provider on the morning of your flight, to check if there are any looming possibilities of delays. They may be able to inform you if there are, or if they can’t at that point, you should contact them again immediately prior to leaving the house. If your travel provider can advise you of delays before you even leave the house, you can make alternative travel arrangements to get to the airport on time for the flights new scheduled time, and instead of being stranded at the airport for a few hours, you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

While many people will be able to make alternative arrangements, others will find themselves spending extra time at the airport before they travel. If this is the case don't let it ruin your trip! Many people will get worked up or anxious, and although this is understandable, there is really nothing you can do to change the situation. Be prepared for incidents like this, and take magazines, books or newspapers with you to wile away some time.

Those travelling with young children often end up suffering the most. Not only do the children become tired and irritable, or even hyperactive, but babies may need additional changing or feeds. Take all this into consideration! Make sure you have some entertainment for the children with you. Not only will this be more fun for them, but it will also help to keep them calm and focused, making it easier on yourselves and fellow travellers.