Health Advice

Giving Blood and Travel

In some circumstances, travel can be a restriction when giving blood. As well as the normal restrictions that apply when donating, such as frequency of donation and any illnesses, the following guidelines apply to those within the UK:

  • If you have travelled to an area considered to be a risk of malaria transmission, you should not give blood for 12 months after arriving back within the UK.
  • You can give blood sooner than 12 months if you have had a malaria anti-body test, and had a negative result.
  • If you have visited Central or South America at any time, you should advise your blood bank prior to giving blood.
  • Any person who has travelled to the United States or Canada between 30th June and 30th November should not give blood for 28 days. This is due to the risk of West Nile Virus in these areas and is as a precaution.