Not all people with diabetes need medication to live a life without limits. If you do need insulin or diabetes pills to manage your diabetes, make sure you use all medications safely and effectively. Follow the schedule you have discussed with your healthcare team. Consistent dosages help you control blood glucose levels, so keep records of when and how much you take to help spot trends and make adjustments in your routine. Also, be aware of drug interactions by asking your doctor or pharmacist how various combinations of medicines will affect your health.
Diabetes Pills (Oral Medication)
For people with Type 2 diabetes, medicine may be used to lower blood glucose. Diabetes pills help the pancreas produce more insulin and/or make the body's cells more sensitive to its own insulin. But diabetes pills are not actually insulin. Learn more about diabetes pills.
Insulin is a hormone the body needs to convert sugar, starches and other food into the energy necessary for daily living. There are various types of insulin and insulin delivery systems that can be used. It is important that people who take insulin understand how it works, what factors affect its action and what schedule will work best for them.
Learn more about insulin and insulin pumps.