Step Counters & Health

Omron knows that in order to have a healthy body and mind, you must look at you present life-style and make some very easy, basic changes. Next to this we offer just the right product to make your life healthier. OMRON products assist with monitoring the important indices. OMRON Body Composition Monitors determine your individual base energy requirement (resting metabolism) and the Pedometers determine the additional energy required for activity. The two figures together give the total energy requirement. Anyone who consumes less energy (kcal) than his individual total energy requirement will lose weight. Anyone who consumes more energy (kcal) will gain weight.

Step Counters:

The easiest exercise and form of enjoyment is walking and running. In order to work this into your life, OMRON has developed the Step Counters. Put in your personal data and start exercising. You can see how many energy you have burned how many kilometers you have exercised and they will even coach and assist you to reach your weekly exercise targets. Monitor your personal exercise will surely result in a satisfactory feeling of well-being.

The following features OMRON's Step Counters offer will help you achieving your goals!

Distance display:

Shown in kilometres (km).

The calculation is done as follows: Number of steps (n) x stride length (m) / 1000. An accurate determination of your own average stride length is particularly important for an exact result.

METs - Metabolic equivalents:

Show the intensity of the movement compared with resting condition. On average we consume 1 MET when sitting still and 3 METs when walking at normal speed (4 kph).

Ex = Movement units or exercise units / Ex = MET x time

The guideline recommended by the California College of Sports Medicine is 21 exercise units a week.

Exercise units include movements that are of an intensity of greater than 3 METs and last longer than 20 seconds.

Calorie Counter:

Shows the increased energy consumption resulting from the measured exercise units.

Aerobic Mode:

Is based on the finding that an exercise effect only occurs after a certain period of movement. With OMRON step counters with Aerobic Mode, only constant movements that take longer than 10 minutes are included in the aerobic movements. (Aerobic = requiring oxygen)