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Omron Healthcare Introduces the HBP-T105 Series of Vital Signs Monitors with Smart Inflation™ Technology

6/30/2008 2:30:00 PM

New HBP-T105 Patient Monitors Offer High Quality Technology Meeting the Standards of Larger Models at a Lower Price

Omron Healthcare, Inc. continues to strengthen its vital signs monitoring business with the introduction of a new portable, single patient use monitor series, the HBP-T105.

The new monitors are designed to be customized for use in doctor offices, acute care settings, clinics and most environments in which qualified healthcare personnel provide patient care - tight budget constraints can be met without compromising on quality.

Proprietary to Omron, Smart Inflation™ technology automatically determines patient-specific inflation pressures and controls the inflation rate, resulting in a more comfortable measurement experience for the patient.

"The HBP-T105 series was designed to monitor an array of patient populations including adult, pediatric and neonatal," said Robert Schneider, general manager of marketing for Omron Healthcare. "With this new series we are also able to deliver a high-quality product that is affordable enough to expand the Smart Inflation technology to many more patient care facilities."

The advanced technology of the devices are capable of monitoring non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP, Systolic, Diastolic and Mean), seven-second temperature (Alaris® technology), and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2, Nellcor® and Masimo® technologies).

In keeping with its reputation as a technology leader, Omron Healthcare is also introducing this product series with integrated HL7 communications protocol. HL7 is quickly becoming the industry standard to interface medical devices together and with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. The new HBP-T105 series is configurable to suit the individual customer's particular needs and budget.

The smart design provides simple, user-friendly operation. A large LED display on the device allows a wide viewing angle with color-coded parameters for increased visibility. Easy-to-see function buttons include back-lighting for quick and efficient navigation even in low light conditions.

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