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Omron Healthcare Introduces OEM Self-Contained Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Module for Medical Device Integration

9/30/2008 9:47:00 AM

Bannockburn, IL- September 30, 2008 -Omron Healthcare introduced the self-contained OEM Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) M3600 module for integration into existing medical devices. The module facilitates measurements for adults, children or neonatals utilizing the non-invasive oscillometric method. Using Omron's proprietary technology, the module contains the hardware and software necessary to perform complete, comfortable and efficient blood pressure measurements.

The Omron® M3600 employs Smart Inflation™ technology, which automatically customizes inflation pressures to match individual needs and controls the inflation rate to ensure a comfortable measurement experience. The module's patented Dynamic Linear Deflation allows it to adjust the deflation rate according to a patient's pulse to allow for faster measurement. Because this method ensures reading the proper number of oscillations needed for accurate measurement is achieved, re-takes are minimized and patient stress is reduced.

"The M3600 further demonstrates Omron's commitment to excellence in the vital signs monitoring business and the medical device market," said Robert Schneider, General Manager, Marketing, Omron Healthcare, Inc. "With the introduction of this module, we are making technology available that will allow manufacturers to provide medical professionals with devices that are comfortable and efficient."

Furthermore, the M3600 has dual, self-regulating systems in place - dual CPU processors and dual transducers - to ensure ultimate safety of the product. If internal system errors are detected, the module switches to safety standby mode until the error condition is cleared.

The M3600 Developers Kit comes complete with power supply, RS-232 cable, documentation, terminal emulator and sample scripts. For more information, call 800-829-NIBP (6427) or 210-690-6200.

About Omron Healthcare, Inc.

Omron Healthcare, Inc., located in Bannockburn, IL, a northern suburb of Chicago, is the North and South American subsidiary of Omron Healthcare group. A leading manufacturer and distributor of blood pressure monitors for home use, Omron Healthcare group is a market leader in blood pressure monitoring with over 70 million of its monitors sold worldwide to date. Omron Healthcare is committed to offering clinically proven, innovative weight management and thermometry products and devices for use in treatment of respiratory conditions, all with the aim of helping people achieve greater compliance and quality of life. With the April 2006 acquisition of the Colin® brand of blood pressure monitoring products for hospitals, clinics, and physician offices, Omron Healthcare has a unique position as a company offering a wide array of medical devices for use in sites ranging from hospitals to the home. For more information, visit www.omronhealthcare.com and for Colin products, visit www.colinmedical.com.