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Eczema and bath time

While all children are different and effective eczema treatment varies from person to person, a common factor is that chronic skin problems need to be pro-actively managed as part of a long-term daily routine. Emollients are necessary each day to soften the skin and help reduce itching and scratching. It’s also especially important to restore the skin’s natural oil barrier after bathing to protect the skin from drying out and becoming irritated.

If a child has atopic eczema, bathing is one of the most important things you can do to help care for their skin. However, one of the biggest challenges that moms face is bathing a child with eczema. It can be difficult to allow the skin to heal when it gets so easily dried right after bathing.

How should you bath a child with eczema or intense dry skin conditions?

  • Add Oilatum Emollient oil to your child’s bathwater to help prevent his skin from drying out.
  • Make sure the temperature of the water for bathing is mild. Bath water should not be too warm or hot as it will dry out the skin and cause the skin to lose natural oils. As much as possible try to match the temperature of the bathwater with the temperature of the bathroom air.
  • Soak your little one in the bath water for 10 to 20 minutes and avoid keeping them in water for longer. Excess bathing can dry out the skin.
  • After bath, pat your little one’s skin dry and avoid rubbing the skin too much with a towel. The skin should be soft and still slightly greasy. Next, apply an Oilatum Cream on all the dry skin areas to help seal the moisture in. Emollients and Oilatum creams work by replacing natural oils to the skin that act as a waterproof barrier and prevent further water loss on the skin’s surface. This moisture softens the skin and prevents it from drying out.

Other tips for caring for eczema-prone skin:

  • Children who have eczema need to be bathed each day to prevent a build-up of bacteria and common allergens that will further irritate the skin. Children who have severe eczema can even be bathed twice a day to further cleanse the skin. If you bathe your child twice a day and he or she has sensitive skin use Oilatum Emollient or bath formulas to prevent the water from drying out and irritating the skin.
  • Emollients are the base of eczema management and should always be used even if the eczema seems to be cleared up. It can help to keep flare ups at bay.
  • Always pat the skin dry after bath. Avoid rigorous towel drying. It will dry out the skin.
  • Always use a steroid or treatment cream after bath on the areas of the eczema and apply a moisturising cream at least an hour later.
  • Use Oilatum Scalp Treatment Shampoo that is specially designed for dry skin. Avoid using it while in the bath. Instead wash hair over the side of the tub or under the shower.