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NiQuitin 10 Week Programme For Heavy Smokers

NiQuitin 10 Week Programme For Heavy Smokers

6 Boxes of 21mg, 2 Boxes of 14mg, 2 Boxes of 7mg 
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NiQuitin 10 Week Programme For Heavy Smokers has been designed for smokers who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, this dedicated programme contains enough patches to complete the 10 week course.


Niquitin Cq 10 Week Program For Heavy Smokers includes patches which can help provide relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms including cravings as an aid to smoking cessation. If possible, when stopping smoking, the patches should be used in conjunction with a behavioural support programme.

The patches come in three strengths, so as your body adjusts to not smoking, you are able to reduce the strength of patches used over a period of ten weeks until you no longer need to use them. The patches should be applied once a day, to a non-hairy, clean, dry skin site, and worn continuously for 24 hours. They should be promptly on removal from its protective sachet, at the same time each day, and preferably as soon as you are awake.

Patches may be removed before going to bed if desired. However, use for 24 hours is recommended to optimise the effect against morning cravings. This step-down programme allows you to gradually do away with your body's need for nicotine. If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day, this dedicated programme contains enough patches to complete the 10 week course. 

For optimum results, the 10 week treatment course should be completed in full. Treatment with NiQuitin Clear patch may be continued beyond 10 weeks if you need it to stay cigarette free; however, those who use the patches beyond 9 months, are recommended to seek additional help and advice from a healthcare professional.

How to use Niquitin Cq 10 Week Program For Heavy Smokers:

  • Light smokers (e.g. those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day) are recommended to start at Step 2 (14mg) for 6 weeks and decrease the dose to NiQuitin Clear 7mg for the final 2 weeks.
  • Patients on NiQuitin Clear 21mg who experience excessive side-effects (please refer to precautions), which do not resolve within a few days, should change to NiQuitin Clear 14mg. This strength should then be continued for the remainder of the 6 week course before stepping down to NiQuitin Clear 7mg for two weeks. If the symptoms persist the patient should be advised to seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Further courses may be used at a later time for users who continue or resume smoking.
  • Avoid applying to any skin which is broken, red or irritated. After 24 hours the used patch should be removed and a new patch applied to a fresh skin site. The patch should not be left on for longer than 24 hours. Skin sites should not be reused for at least seven days. Only one patch should be worn at a time.
  • Patches may be removed before going to bed if desired. However use for 24 hours is recommended to optimise the effect against morning cravings. 

NiQuitin Clear therapy should usually begin with NiQuitin Clear 21 mg and be reduced according to the following dosing schedule:

  • Step 1 - NiQuitin Clear 21 mg for first 6 weeks. 
  • Step 2 - NiQuitin Clear 14 mg for next 2 weeks. 
  • Step 3 - NiQuitin Clear 7 mg for last 2 weeks.

Precautions before using Niquitin Cq 10 Week Program For Heavy Smokers:

  • The risks associated with the use of NRT are substantially outweighed in virtually all circumstances by the well-established dangers of continued smoking. Patients hospitalised for MI, severe dysrhythmia or CVA who are considered to be haemodynamically unstable should be encouraged to stop smoking with non-pharmacological interventions. If this fails, NiQuitin Clear patches may be considered, but as data on safety in this patient group are limited, initiation should only be under medical supervision. Once patients are discharged from hospital they can use NRT as normal. 
  • Diabetes Mellitus: Patients with diabetes mellitus should be advised to monitor their blood sugar levels more closely than usual when NRT is initiated as catecholamines released by nicotine can affect carbohydrate metabolism. 
  • Allergic reactions: Susceptibility to angioedema and urticaria. 
  • Atopicor eczematous dermatitis (due to localised patch sensitivity): In the case of severe or persistent local reactions at the site of application (e.g. severe erythema, pruritus or oedema) or a generalised skin reaction (e.g. urticaria, hives or generalised skin rashes), users should be instructed to discontinue use of NiQuitin Clear and contact their physician. 
  • Contact sensitisation: Patients with contact sensitisation should be cautioned that a serious reaction could occur from exposure to other nicotine-containing products or smoking.
  • Renal and hepatic impairment: Use with caution in patients with moderate to severe hepatic impairment and/or severe renal impairment as the clearance of nicotine or its metabolites may be decreased with the potential for increased adverse effects.
  • Phaeochromocytoma and uncontrolled hyperthyroidism: Use with caution in patients with uncontrolled hyperthyroidism or phaeochromocytoma as nicotine causes release of catecholamines.
  • Danger in small children: Doses of nicotine tolerated by adult and adolescent smokers can produce severe toxicity in small children that may be fatal. Products containing nicotine should not be left where they may be misused, handled or ingested by children. The patches should be folded in half with the adhesive side innermost and disposed of with care.
  • Stopping smoking: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in tobacco smoke induce the metabolism of drugs catalysed by CYP 1A2 (and possibly by CYP 1A1). When a smoker stops this may result in a slower metabolism and a consequent rise in blood levels of such drugs.
  • Transferred dependence: Transferred dependence is rare and is both less harmful and easier to break than smoking dependence.
  • Safety on handling: NiQuitin Clear is potentially a dermal irritant and can cause contact sensitisation. Care should be taken during handling and in particular contact with the eyes and nose avoided. After handling, wash hands with water alone as soap may increase nicotine absorption.

Possible side effects of using Niquitin Cq 10 Week Program For Heavy Smokers:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy may cause adverse reactions similar to those associated with nicotine administered by other means, including smoking. These may be attributable to the pharmacological effects of nicotine, some of which are dose dependent. At recommended doses NiQuitin Clear patches have not been found to cause any serious adverse effects. Excessive use of NiQuitin Clear patches by those who have not been in the habit of inhaling tobacco smoke could possibly lead to nausea, faintness or headaches.

Subjects quitting smoking by any means could expect to suffer from asthenia, headache, dizziness, sleep disturbance, coughing or influenza-like illness. Certain symptoms which have been reported such as depression, irritability, nervousness, restlessness, mood lability, anxiety, drowsiness, impaired concentration and insomnia may be related to withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation.

Niquitin Cq 10 Week Program For Heavy Smokers contains:

  • Step One: 114mg nicotine delivering 21mg of nicotine over 24 hours.
  • Step Two: 78mg of nicotine delivering 14mg per 24 hours.
  • Step Three: 36mg of nicotine delivering 7mg per 24 hours.


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NiQuitin 10 Week Programme For Heavy Smokers
5.00 stars

I bought this in March 2012 from this site. I have used it as prescribed to quit smoking. Ten months after that and Im still not smoking. I didnt have any withdrawal symptoms at all and all I had to do was follow the simple and clear usage instructions. So I can wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone interested in stop smoking. If you really want to quit you should give it a try!

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