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Top 5 reason to Use Nicolites

They are a healthier option

Smoking conventional  cigarettes is very bad for your health. They contain 4000 chemical compounds and at least 400 toxic substances which can lead to a variety of diseases including chronic lung diseases and a variety of cancers. Not only does is pose a threat to you but also those around you through second hand smoke. Nicolites e-cigs have no tar, and no tobacco, making them a much healthier alternative.

Authentic Smoking Experience

Unlike patches, gum and lozenge Nicolite offers the added benefits of the act of smoking a real cigarette, which a lot of smokers crave. It therefore tackles the oral addiction along with the addiction smoker have to nicotine. Nicolite e-cigs deliver nicotine to your body quickly and efficiently and mimic the taste of real tobacco making your experience realistic and satisfying.

Smoke indoors

Nicolites can be used anywhere and everywhere and in many places where conventional cigarettes are not allowed. As it contains no tobacco and is not lit it not subject to the smoking ban.

No Harmful Smoke

Nicolites produce water vapour as opposed to smoke. The vapour has no odour and won't linger on your clothes like tobacco smoke can. They are also eco-friendly as these is no ash, nub ends.

Cheaper than Conventional Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are significantly cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Once the starter kit has been purchased you only need to buy cartridges to refill it when they run out. One Nicolite e-cig cartridge is the equivalent of buying 20 tobacco cigarettes saving you around £1500 a year (based on twenty a day smoker)