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NicoLites 16mg

40 Cigarette Equivalent
Out of stock
Product #0061545

The NicoLite is the leading disposable electronic cigarette on the market, created to mimic the taste of regular cigarettes, it provides the user with the same sensation as traditional cigarettes, but contains no tobacco; which means no tar, no carbon monoxide and of course cuts out around 4000 of the harmful chemicals contained in ordinary cigarettes!

The Nicolite even works out cheaper than traditional cigarettes – with a small price tag of £6.95; the Nicolite will provide the user with the same number of inhalations of between 25-30 normal cigarettes.

The Nicolite can also be used in any public space; because it contains no tobacco and is completely safe for those around you – it circumvents the smoking ban making it completely legal to use any place any time!

So why not free yourself today and choose Nicolites, the healthier smoking alternative!

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