FAQ's on NicoCare:

What is NicoCare™?

NicoCare is a revolutionary, unique, all-natural supplement that has been carefully formulated by leading pharmacists and nutritionists, to consist of only 100% natural active ingredients, that provides an effective way to help combat the symptoms of withdrawal that you may experience when stopping smoking.

How does NicoCare™ work?

NicoCare™ does not contain any nicotine. It contains 100% natural active ingredients that combined, help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

  • Panax Ginseng is considered to be an 'adaptogen', which means it may help improve the body's response to physical and emotional stress.
  • Vitamin C and Atriplex Halimus (which contains Vitamin C) possess antioxidant properties that help protect the body against free radicals that were caused by smoking.
  • N-acetylcysteine is an amino acid converts to glutathione, a powerful antioxidant which may help combat nicotine cravings and the symptoms of addiction
  • Avena sativa is believed to increase energy levels and enhance sense of well-being. The herb calms nervous anxiety while increasing overall stamina and strength.
  • Chromium picolinate is considered to help users decrease their appetite as it increases the efficiency of insulin to help the body metabolise sugars & fats and helps balance vital blood sugar levels.

How do I take NicoCare™?

For best results follow the recommended amount in the instruction table on the enclosed leaflet

What does NicoCare™ contain?

Panax Ginseng 75mg, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 100mg, Atriplex Hamilus 75mg, N-Acetylcysteine 100mg, Chromium (picolinate) 40mcg, Oats: Avena Sativa 100mg

Who is NicoCare™ for?

NicoCare™ is for anyone who wants help to stop smoking without the use of conventional Nicotine Replacement Therapy products and instead use a 100% all-natural product.

How do I take NicoCare™?

For best results, follow the recommended amount on the enclosed leaflet.

Can I take NicoCare™ alongside medication or if I have an existing medical complaint?

It is recommended you consult your healthcare professional before taking NicoCare™.