Why do we need insect repellent?

Bites from insects like mosquitoes, biting flies, deer flies, black flies and sand flies leave a small lump on the skin and can cause discomfort and itching. Bites and stings are naturally red, swollen, itchy and uncomfortable. Without insect repellent, there’s no limit to how many bites and stings you can get while you’re in different areas of the world. Whether you’re travelling for a year or going on holiday for a couple of weeks, repellents are essential to ensure nothing ruins your trip. Here are some of the reasons why we need an effective repellent like Mosquito Milk on our travels:

Insects are difficult to avoid:

Without an insect repellent, trying to avoid insects completely would be near impossible and very impractical. Covering the skin, avoiding certain countries and areas and avoiding travel in certain seasons doesn’t exactly leave you with many options if you’re looking to travel the world. The truth is that there are biting insects in all countries and you are likely to encounter them, which is why repellents like Mosquito Milk make life abroad a lot easier! You’ll never have to worry about being bothered by insects and you won’t have to plan your trip around avoiding them.

Mosquitoes are found almost everywhere:

Unfortunately, mosquitos live on every continent with Antarctica as the only exception. They are most common in warmer, wetter areas that tend to be closer to the equator in tropical climates like jungles and swamps in central and South America, Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. They are often attracted to standing water like lakes, stagnant creeks, marshes and swamps, especially in the heat. Mosquitos appear to be most active at 2 point during the day - just before dawn and right after darkness sets in.

Mosquitoes & malaria:

Very few species of mosquito are harmless to humanity, as most land on the skin and feed off blood from living vertebrates - like humans. While feeding on the blood, they can also transmit harmful diseases and in tropical areas, especially in Africa, they are most common for the transition of malaria. The sub-Saharan region of Africa sees high numbers of this particular disease, with other areas like Burma, India and Indonesia still seeing malaria, but at a much lower rate.

Don’t ruin your journey:

Holidays and travels are likely to be dampened a little if you’re suffering from a lot of mosquito and insect bites. They can be particularly painful and itchy and there is no limit to how many bites you can receive in one trip. Also, as mosquitos are most active through the night, it can disrupt your sleep. Applying Mosquito Milk twice a day in the morning and evening will allow you to stay bite-free, so you can get on with seeing the world and enjoying your holiday.