Success Stories

My kids started asking me recently if I was menopausal because I kept snapping at them, which is out of character for me. I was offended, but visited my GP anyway as I appeared to be experiencing a personality change. He assured me it was nothing to worry about, and that I was indeed going through the menopause. Not one for conventional medicines, instead of HRT I began taking MenoFem straight away and have not experienced any other symptoms since! -Mary

HRT did not agree with me, so I thought I'd try something a little more 'holistic'. MenoFem has suited me perfectly. Its natural and I have experienced no side effects. - Margaret

I prefer to treat my body the natural way nowadays, so once menopause hit, I began taking MenoFem daily and have never looked back. Symptoms are mild and a rare occurrence, allowing me to just get on with my day as usual. - Lynda

I try to use natural remedies for all aspects of my life, and now menopause is no exception. I take MenoFem daily, have experienced no side effects, and rarely experience any symptoms, so all in all I'm very happy. - Daisy

I used to pop pills for every ailment I had, then I experienced so many side effects I decided there had to be another solution. I began taking natural remedies instead and feel much better for it. So once the GP told me 'yes, its menopause' I thought great! But didn't dwell. I ordered MenoFem for the first time and it's really worked for me. No side effects and barely any symptoms experienced. -Vicky