Recent studies, MediGro™ proven to work

MediGro with the unique advanced formulation GroMax™, contains a blend of 100% natural ingredients which are proven to promote hair growth. OptiMSM™, botanical marine proteins from spirulina, kelp, horsetail herbs, zinc and biotin are all blended together to create GroMax™, a natural advanced formulation which can help prevent hair loss, baldness or thinning hair.

OptiMSM™ speeds up hair growth

OptiMSM™ is a premium, distilled MSM of high potency. MSM helps produce collagen, keratin and protein which are essential for healthy hair growth. Now, new studies have shown that MSN not only promotes hair growth but can also slow down the time between hair cycles.

Your hair grows in three cycles:

On average, the adult head has 100,000 individual strands of hair and most people will shed between 40 and 120 of these per day. The reason for this is that hair growth follows a cycle. Cleverly named the hair growth cycle, it features three phases in which old hairs must be released to make way for new ones.

1. Growing (Anagen Phase) - The hair actively grows. Normally lasts 2-8 years and grows up to 10 cm a year.

2. Transitional (Catagen Phase) - This is the transitional period where the hair follicle shrinks and the lower part of the follicle is destroyed. Normally lasts 2-4 weeks.

3. Resting (Telogen phase) - The hair no longer grows and after 2-4 months the hair falls out and the follicle enters the anagen/growing phase again.

Each and every hair on your head is in one of these phases at all times. If your growing phase lasts two years, and your hair normally grows half an inch per month, your hair will only grow 12 inches before entering the resting phase. (24 months x inch per month).

OptiMSM™ is known to naturally increase the length of your hairs growing phase so that your hair loss rate is dramatically reduced. This means the growing phase could last up to three years. If your hair grows half an inch per month, your hair will grow 18 inches before entering the resting phase. (36 months x 1/2 inch per month)