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Anti Malaria Tablets


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Malaria is a tropical disease carried by mosquitoes. If not treated correctly, the consequences can be fatal. Symptoms of malaria include vomiting, high temperature, headaches, sweats, chills and diarrhoea, and so it's vital you take the correct precautions when travelling in areas when the chances of contracting the disease are high.

How can I protect myself?

Your health is important to us which is why we only offer products from brands of the highest quality. One of our popular and best-selling anti-malaria products is Maloff, an oral treatment you can take to both prevent and treat malaria. Alternatively, you could try an oral solution named Nivaquine, which is used for the prevention of malaria. Or even the Paludrine Avoclor Travel Pack. Keep yourself safe when travelling.

Prevent Malaria at Chemist Direct

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