Guide To A Male Healthy Sex Life

A healthy sex life is all part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle. When you're having a loving and intimate relationship with your partner, you feel satisfied and full of energy. Sex even promotes physical benefits that help you stay well.

Nevertheless, there are times when you may simply feel too exhausted or stressed to uphold a good sexual relationship. There are many aspects that contribute to low sex drive including obesity, poor diet and stress. For normal sexual function we need healthy organs as well as a balanced, working endocrine system producing the necessary hormones.

So what can you do to lead a healthy sex life?


Exercise helps keep your sex life active. You need endurance to maintain a sexual rhythm that transports you and your partner to unimaginable sexual heights.


Communication is important in any healthy relationship as it allows you share your feelings and tackle problems head-on, together. This is also true of your sex life, especially if something is bothering you. If you are able to talk about things that are going on in your sex life, you don't have to bury your problems which is great as this is often when a problem appears as people start to worry about what might be wrong. This may cause distance within the day-to-day relationship.

As long as you are both talking and listening to each other, you're well on the way to a healthy sex life. Nevertheless, even the most contented lovers can have fun trying new things.


Massage can help you have extremely intense, sensual sex. As an element of foreplay, massage is a great way to start things off slowly, and relax as you feel each other’s skin and your arousal intensifies.

Stimulate the senses

Try a scented oil for massage. Both music and candles for soft lighting can be erotic, as well as listening to your partner’s breathing and embracing sounds that they make. Taste each other as you kiss and maybe incorporate food into sex - give each other something delicious and juicy to eat, such as strawberries.


Whispering sexy intentions to each other can add extra excitement. It doesn’t have to be during foreplay or sex. Try a sexy phone call to build anticipation and leave both of you looking forward to the sex for hours or days.


Masturbation, alone or with your partner, can enhance your sex life as being able to explore your own body and realise your own sexual responses ensures you can share this knowledge with your partner so they can do the same. Masturbating your partner can even help you to learn more about what turns them on. It’s a useful option if one of you does not fancy full penetrative sex, or if you have different levels of desire.

Share fantasies and desires

Everyone has their own preferences, fantasies and tastes when it comes to sex. From earlobes to behind the knee, lips to hips, pirates to bikers, don’t be afraid to talk about them. If you and your partner know about each other’s turn-ons, you may be able to perform most of them for each other.

Definitely - Keep it clean!

General hygiene is a must. You don’t have to keep yourself overly clean, but not so much sweat that it’s overwhelming. But be respectful towards your partner, and wash every day to prevent nasty smells and tastes. Cleanliness can be such a turn on, that it leads to a level of dirtiness you never knew existed, but that you definitely want to keep experiencing.

Above all else...Relax!

Sex with a loving partner can be one of the most beautiful and intense experiences. Occasionally, the best sex happens when you�re not overly concerned about making it exciting or orgasmic. Simply relax with your partner, and great sex may just come and find you!