Maxbido FAQ's

I can’t get an erection, will Maxbido help?

Maxbido will certainly help stimulate your desire and drive. However, erectile problems can be psychological. In conjunction with taking Maxbido it may well be worth speaking to a healthcare professional or psychologist so they can help unravel any thoughts or feelings that may be contributing to the situation.

Will Maxbido stop me ejaculating prematurely?

Maxbido contains a number of ingredients that can help improve your stamina. Other useful tips include choosing sexual positions where you are more in control of your own stimulation, using a condom can desensitive the penis and practising the stop start technique to help you feel more confident about controlling your ejaculation. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Are there are any side effects?

Maxbido is made from 100% natural ingredients with no significant side effects if taken as per the directions. If you do experience any side effects, stop taking Maxbido immediately and consult a healthcare professional.