Sex Myths

Men only think about one thing - sex! FALSE

Girls, believe it or not men cannot necessarily make love any time, any place or with any one. The older our chaps get, the more they feel the need for love and other levels of contact that make sex rich and fulfilling.Just like women, men are also affected by stress and other emotional factors which can affect their libido.

When the G Spot is stimulated a women will automatically come. FALSE

The G Spot is situated on the front wall of the vagina around 1 inch from the vulva.To stimulate it properly gentle pressure is required - light touching is not enough!

The size of a mans penis is not very important.TRUE

The main pleasure-centre for a woman is her clitoris. Guys, to hit the right buttons you need to concentrate on the front wall of the vagina about one inch from the vulva. Master this and she’ll be at your beck and call! There’s no need to have an 8 inch penis as the depth of the vagina is only about three to five inches!

You have to be in love to enjoy great sex FALSE

Intense physical attraction (we are talking eyes that could rip each others clothes off) does not always go hand in hand with love.

Trust, confidence and honest communication between a couple are more important.

These are the ingredients of great sex and if this happens to be with your soul mate – even better!

All women can have multiple orgasms. FALSE

Only one in ten women is capable of multiple orgasms. That’s all we have to say on the matter!

Sex is good for your health and makes you look and feel great TRUE, TRUE, TRUE!

Having sex stimulates the production of endorphins (happy hormone) in the pituitary gland part of your brain which accounts for the loved up, happy feeling after making love. Not only that but it can lower the incidence of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease too!

Sex will relieve stress too by producing an analgesic effect which is ten times more effective as a tranquiliser than Valium. An added bonus is that it can increase five-fold the secretion of anti-depressant hormones.

Sex is like any other exercise - it creates energy and burns off fat. As a guide a kiss burns six calories whilst intercourse itself burns some ninety- three! Who needs to go to the gym?