Power is the ability to exert maximum muscular contraction in explosive bursts of movement. Creatine is proven to increase the ability to perform repeated bouts of higher intensity and power-based exercise.

Whether you're on the pitch, the track or the court, all sports require strength in some form. Strength is the ability of an individual to produce a maximal force against resistance, although it is sometimes referred to as power or building muscle. Increases in strength are gained from effective resistance training combined with suitable nutritional strategies, such as the use of creatine and protein.

Here we cover the theory and key tips on creatine intake that will help improve your performance and give you an edge.

This chemical 'reaction' represents the way that creatine, in the form of creatine phosphate, functions to regenerate ATP. ATP is the immediate energy source needed for the muscle to contract. By facilitating this reaction, the body has more energy to train harder and for longer.

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