Keep your muscle stores topped up to help you perform at your best. Endurance is best described as your ability to maintain a high exercise intensity for the duration of an event or match. A reduction in the body's carbohydrate store is one of the key causes of fatigue in sports where endurance is vital to performance. Here we cover the theory and key tips on carbohydrate (CHO) intake that will help improve your performance and give you an edge.

Carbohydrate (CHO) is the body's preferred source of energy during exercise and is stored in the body within the muscle and liver as glycogen. When you work out, especially for long periods of time, you deplete your glycogen stores. When this happens, fatigue sets in and your level of performance will drop. Supplementing your carbohydrate intake when exercising helps to ensure the muscles have sufficient energy to maintain a high work rate for the duration of your activity.

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