Why the E-Cigarette is the Ultimate Alternative

The E-cigarette is fast becoming an extremely popular way of smoking. Many have become fans of them as (although they contain nicotine) they are available in low, medium and high strengths so you can regulate your intake. Plus they do not contain Tobacco. Tobacco when it burns releases around 4000 toxic chemicals that are harmful to the body causing potential illnesses like Cancer and Heart Disease. Studies have shown that Nicotine on its own is apparently about as harmful to the body as caffeine.

An electronic cigarette starter kit is a good starting place when purchasing an e-cig for the first time as inside the box there is generally; one electric cigarette, a rechargeable battery and a replacement cartridge so you are set up from day one. The electronic cigarette starter kit is extremely cost effective in the sense that it is rechargeable, and you can simply purchase more cartridges as you run low.

Other e-cigs are disposable. You buy a single, or a mixed pack of electronic cigarettes that last for approximately 500 puffs and are available in a variety of nicotine strengths. E-cigarettes come in many different forms whether they are a starter kit and rechargeable or disposable etc.