Healthier Smoking With E-Cigarettes

We have all heard about the health related problems that can occur from smoking. Cancer, Heart Disease, an increased chance of Stroke or Heart Attack and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) to name a few have been linked to the harmful toxins smokers ingest when inhaling from a normal cigarette.

For these reasons, many smokers choose to quit smoking although some find it harder than others. Some rely on that feeling of holding a cigarette in times of anxiety or stress, of inhaling and then exhaling smoke. This is why some choose to use what they like to call stop smoking e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are not a nicotine replacement therapy but some smokers choose to see them that way.

This is because with stop smoking e-cigarettes, you get to hold it in your fingertips and draw back real vapour that hits the back of your throat (similar to cigarette smoke) and then exhale what looks like smoke ? when actually its only water vapour produced by burning a nicotine e-liquid. It's a battery powered device, so it's the battery that heats the e-liquid creating a vapour that imitates smoke.

E-cigarettes (e-cigs) come in varying strengths of nicotine, so you can monitor the amount you are vaping. They also last longer than a pack of cigarettes, so are more cost effective than cigarettes and last approximately 500 puffs! So E-cigs may well be a viable option to smoking healthier as they seem less harmful than normal cigarettes but that is up to the user to decide.