About KeraFiber

KeraFiber is an all-natural and organic keratin protein which is completely undetectable and gives thinning hair a new lease of life with its revolutionary idea.  The Keratin fibres in all of the KeraFiber products quickly add thickness and volume to the hair in a matter of seconds.

All natural and organic keratin protein is the main ingredient of KeraFiber hair fibres. It's the same protein that real hair is made of, so there's no need to worry about how it's going to look. The hair building fibres are statically charged with electricity and connect together forming strong bonds with existing hair for a secure hold making it a great hair loss concealer. Because KeraFiber's hair products are made out of natural protein fibres, it makes them very safe to use. In fact, KeraFiber works so well, most doctors recommend it  to their patients instead of hair transplants, which can be expensive and time-consuming.