FAQs about feeding your pet

How do I switch my pet to James Wellbeloved foods?

If you’re changing your pet’s food over to James Wellbeloved, then it is important to do so gradually over a period of up to 7 days. Slowly introducing the food will help your pet’s digestive system become accustomed to the new food and will avoid any digestive upset. Start off by mixing small amounts of James Wellbeloved into their current food and slowly increase the amount of JW and decrease their previous food so they familiarise themselves with the taste.

Is James Wellbeloved food really all-natural?

Yes! Every ingredient that is in the food is stated on the list of ingredients on the pack. James Wellbeloved take pride in their recipes being completely natural and have no ingredients to hide.

Why is natural food better?

James Wellbeloved’s carefully selected and perfectly balanced foods provide the optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your pet needs every day to keep them happy and healthy. Their natural foods contain no unhealthy additives like artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

How much food do I need to give my pet to ensure they maintain a healthy weight?

On every pack of James Wellbeloved pet food, you will find a feeding guide that will indicate how much food you should provide for your pet. The amount of food they should be fed depends on their weight and age and also different breeds for dogs. James Wellbeloved are aware that all pets are different, which is why their feeding guides have been created so that you can decide how much is right for your pet.

I think my pet is overweight, but they’re happy. Should I feed them less?

Many pet owners think that it’s okay to over-feed their pet, because it makes them happy and they will always eat the food. If they become overweight however, you are doing your pet no favours by continuing to feed them the same amounts. Extra weight will increase their risk of diabetes and will put additional strain on their joints and heart, which will increase the likeliness of arthritis and heart disease. Stick to the James Wellbeloved feeding guide and make sure they get plenty of exercise to keep them in great shape.

What is the difference between kitten/puppy foods compared to adult foods?

Kitten and puppy foods from James Wellbeloved are specially formulated for young kittens and puppies. At this stage of their life they need different levels of different nutrients and James Wellbeloved foods meet their increased protein and energy requirements as they quickly grow and develop. Puppy and kitten foods provide your little pets with the best possible start and supports healthy development as they grow into adults.