iWell Energy Vitaboost key ingredients

This advanced nutrient formula is bursting with energy so you can keep up with your full and active life

iWell Vitaboost is a vitamin and nutrient formula that is specially designed to help your body sustain a normal release of energy. Those with busy and active lifestyles will know exactly how important it is to maintain your energy levels, which is why iWell contains energy boosting ingredients like ginseng, taurine and guarana extract alongside added vitamin C and coenzyme Q10.


This natural herb was first used within traditional Chinese medicine and is best known for its energy boosting properties. All forms in ginseng aid in reducing stress, improving vitality and boosting the immune system. Extensive research that has been carried out on ginseng has confirmed its role in countering the effects of fatigue, ageing hormonal imbalance and stress, while improving performance and reducing subjective feelings of mental fatigue. Ginseng’s active ingredients are known as ‘ginsenocides’ and have a chemical structure that resembles human hormones. They help to control hormone activity and regulate nerve mechanisms. They also influence blood pressure and insulin production, while increasing metabolism. While ginseng can be taken to provide a quick energy boost, it should be consumed regularly within your daily diet to provide regular and balanced energy.


Taurine is an amino acid that is an important building block of protein. It is found in large amounts in the brain, retina, and heart and in blood cells called platelets. Through exercise or demanding physical activity, the skeletal muscle experiences a drop in taurine levels, which is why it is a popular ingredient in many energy drinks and energy boosting supplements. Supplementary taurine is thought to improve exercise and energy performance by improving endurance and lowering exhaustion levels. When it is combined with caffeine, taurine is suggested to improve mental performance. Yet despite the fact that it could improve attention and verbal reasoning, it does not appear to have any effect on memory.

Guarana extract

The guarana plant is native to Venezuela and northern Brazil in the Amazon rain forest. Guarana seeds are one of the richest caffeine sources in the world and are also a popular ingredient for energy drinks and supplements. They contain 4-8% caffeine, which is up to 3 times more than the caffeine content of coffee beans that only contain 1-2.5%. Guarana extract is therefore best known as a stimulant that can increase mental alertness, while fighting fatigue and increasing stamina and physical performance.