How does iWell Lifestyle work?

iWell Lifestyle is a multivitamin and nutrient complex that supports a busy, active lifestyle

Busy, hectic and demanding lifestyles need to be supported by the right nutrients to ensure they have a good energy supply that will be able to keep you going throughout the day. People who are consistently on the go shouldn’t miss out on the right vitamins and minerals, so thanks to iWell Lifestyle you can keep up your health no matter what goes on in your day! iWell Lifestyle helps you remain active and healthy all day, every day by:

  • Releasing energy
  • Maintaining nervous system functions
  • Preventing oxidative stress
  • Reducing tiredness

Energy release

Busy individuals will understand how important it is to keep up your energy. If your energy levels are low, then you will be left feeling fatigued before the day is out. If your body is being worked hard or put under strain, then you need to make the most of the energy you have, which is why iWell contains iodine and biotin that are both involved in energy production. Biotin assists with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in order to produce energy. Iodine on the other hand, is known as an energy charging mineral and an iodine deficiency can lead to low metabolic rate and feelings of fatigue.

Nervous system

Active and busy lifestyles can put a strain on your nervous system, which is why it is important to maintain your intake of certain vitamins and minerals that help to keep your nervous system in good health. It is also important for the nervous system to preserve real energy so that you can keep going throughout the busiest of days. iWell Lifestyle contains copper and iodine that both play an important role in the development and support of the central nervous system. It also contains a range of B-complex vitamins like B2, B3 and B6 that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of some of the most basic structures of the nervous system. Vitamin B12 in particular also plays a significant role in the formation of nerve cells and other nervous system structures.

Oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is the damage that is caused to our cells by free radicals, which is why antioxidants are important as they help to prevent this. iWell contains vitamin C and vitamin E that contain powerful antioxidant properties and help to give your immune system a boost. Nothing knocks a busy lifestyle down like an illness, so preventing oxidative stress as much as you can is essential. Zinc and Selenium also provide antioxidant benefits and can be found within iWell Lifestyle to help with keeping you in great health.


If you lead a busy and active life then you are likely to be feeling tired and fatigued, especially if you’re not gaining enough sleep. iWell’s combination of B-complex vitamins, especially B12, helps to keep you alert and energised as a deficiency could lead to chronic fatigue and weakness. This is why iron is also included within iWell’s formula, as a deficiency can again result in feelings of severe tiredness and lack of energy. By keeping your energy and alertness levels up, you will be able to keep healthy and active, no matter what your day throws at you.