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IBS Screen Self Testing Kit

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The PreventID® Cal Screen® is an easy-to-use test for the rapid, qualitative determination of faecal calprotectin. The test is used to detect bowel inflammation in people with chronic intestinal problems.

The determination of calprotectin in faeces allows the differentiation between organic intestinal diseases (e. g. inflammatory bowel diseases/IBD, infectious diseases) and functional intestinal diseases (e. g. irritable bowel syndrome). The determination of calprotectin is also ideal for monitoring disease activity in IBD patients (early detection of relapse, therapy monitoring).

One PreventID® Cal Screen® test kit contains the following items to perform the test:

  • PreventID® Cal Screen® test cassette
  • Sample collection tube with extraction buffer solution and sample collection stick
  • Stool sample collection paper
  • Instruction sheet for stool sample collection

Please carefully read the instructions before use

Store all reagents at room temperature and protect them from humidity. The interpretation time is based on reading the test results at 15 – 30 °C. If the test device or the extraction buffer had been stored at lower temperatures make sure they are brought to room temperature before starting the test. Do not open the foil wrapper until you are ready to perform the test. Do not use the test beyond the expiry date.

For in vitro diagnostic use only.

Do not eat or smoke during test performance. If possible wear disposible gloves and wash/disinfect your hands after the test run

Avoid spilling or splashing with the sample/sample buffer

Used test cassettes, sample diluent, and sample collection tubes should be treated as potentially infections and should be disposed of accordingly. Contaminated material or surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly.

Do not use the test device if the foil pouch is torn or if the membrane of the rapid test cassette is visibly damaged.

In case of contact with buffer solution, immediately rinse eyes or skin thoroughly with plenty of water.

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