Shaving Tips

Shaving Tips

In this article we’ll look at how to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation when shaving your bikini line.

How to Shave Your Bikini Line

For those of us who like to ditch the bikini fuzz, we know all too well how uncomfortable ingrown hairs and razor rash can be. Read our article below for some top tips to bin the bumps and have a flawless bikini line.

Choose the right tools

Choosing the right razor will make all the difference. At a minimum your razor needs to be clean and very sharp. A fresh razor will give the best results. Bonus points if your razor has 4 - 5 blades.

Prepare to shave

If your hair is too long, you’ll want to trim it before you shave. You can invest in a bikini trimmer, electric shaver or just use a pair of scissors (carefully!).

When your skin and hairs are hydrated they are easier to cut, so for the best results soak your bikini line in a warm bath or shower before shaving.

Once the area is fully hydrated, use a physical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and loose hairs. This will help to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs as well as giving a closer shave.

After exfoliating, you should lather the area you want to shave in shaving gel. Shaving gel helps the blade glide across the skin, minimising chances of razor burn and irritation. It’s especially important on the sensitive skin of the bikini line.

Shaving technique

Direction really matters when shaving your bikini line. The hair is ticker and the skin is thinner in this area, so to reduce ingrown hairs and irritation you want to shave in the same direction that the hair grows. Shave using short strokes, rather than long sweeps, and pull the skin taught if you need to.

Post Shave

After shaving and drying off, apply a moisturiser or post shave lotion to the area you shaved. Avoid formulas that contain alcohol or soap, as these can both cause irritation and discomfort, especially after shaving. As the bikini area is sensitive to perfumes, try to use a fragrance-free moisturiser. Look out for products specially designed for sensitive skin. For added protection from irritation, try to wait 30 minutes after shaving before putting on tight clothing.