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Cracked Heels & Dry Feet

Cracked heels & dry feet

Although not serious, cracked heels and dry feet can cause discomfort and look unsightly.


Dry and cracked skin which left untreated can become painful or bleed.

What causes cracked heels and dry feet?

  • Sometimes the sweat glands in our feet cease to produce as much secretion as they used to making the skin drier and more prone to cracking. This generally happens as we age and our skin starts to lose elasticity.
  • But cracked heels (also called ‘heel fissures’) can occur in anyone, including young women who frequently wear open backed shoes and sandals which provide little cushioning.
  • Some medical disorders - such as diabetes - also make the problem more likely.
  • And people who are obese are at greater risk as the bigger you are the more pressure you put on your heels.

How to treat cracks and dry skin

  • Use a pumice stone to exfoliate rough patches on your feet.
  • Wear shoes with a shock absorbing soles.
  • If you have an existing foot condition such as flat arches - wear an arch support.
  • Treat cracked heels with a special moisturising cream twice a day.
  • Do not ignore cracked heels. Left untreated the cracks can deepen, become painful or bleed opening them to the risk of infection.

Alternative Remedies & Self-help

  • Avoid open backed shoes or those with thin soles.
  • Avoid making bath water too hot as this can dry out the skin.
  • Use a good foot moisturiser on a daily basis.