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Electronic Cigarette Refills

The starter packs for most e-cigs usually come with two or three electronic cigarette cartridges to get you started but once you have run out you will need to purchase more to keep your e-cig working. This is where Electronic cigarette refills come in and you will find that all brands from Nicocig to Eshish have Electronic cigarette liquid cartridges and e-liquid you can purchase to refill.

How Do I refill My E-cig?

There are two options to refill you ecig. Firstly you can buy the electronic cigarette cartridges already filled with e-liquid or you can opt to fill it yourself.† Both options are very cost effective and will give you the same experience from your e-cig. Electronic cigarette liquid comes in a variety of different flavours and strengths to suit every smokerís needs and tastes. With the exception of disposables all e-cigs are refillable and filling it yourself is simple and easy.

Save Money with refillable electronic cigarettes

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